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What is Navy Blue?

Navy Blue is classic.

Whether it’s a three-piece suit, the perfect patent heels, or your favorite tank top, Navy Blue is a statement on the enduring. A homage to the resilient. It stands up and says trends may come and go, but true style is timeless.

Navy Blue is comfortable.

Like its older cousin, black, Navy Blue can fit in just about anywhere. But while black lives for formality, Navy Blue loves the everyday. It sees the beauty in the seemingly typical. The fun hidden in the mundane. It knows that our best memories come from the unexpected surprises in normal life.

Navy Blue is fresh.

If you invited Navy Blue to a party, it would show up with an amazing bottle of wine you’d never heard of and a new friend for you to meet. It would want to listen to the new music you’ve just discovered, and borrow your new favorite book. It’s an openness to the unknown ideas just around the corner, while still embracing the best of a rich history.