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Navy Blue Photography loves beautiful things. And we also feel that the most beautiful part of all creation is people . . . all people! That’s why when we found out about a local organization dedicated to inspiring the people of Indy to see the beauty in themselves, we knew we wanted to be a part of it.

The Department of Public Words is an awesome Indianapolis organization that exists to spread hope through our city using the power or art and positive words. When you choose to work with Navy Blue Photography, you also get to be a part of supporting this amazing mission.

Starting in 2015, 5% of all Navy Blue income will go directly to the Department of Public Words to support their work in our favorite city. Whether it’s by letting us be a part of your wedding day, or shooting your senior portraits, you also get to be a part of their work:

The Department of Public Words is an Indianapolis-based organization dedicated to creating positive messages in public spaces through both art and public speaking. Dave and Holly Combs began working with You Are Beautiful in 2007 to create their first public art installation, a 30-foot wide plywood You Are Beautiful sign on the Murphy Art Center building in historic Fountain Square. Since that time, they have produced numerous other positive message murals and installations in the Indianapolis area and in other cities. They are currently seeking other organizations with which to partner to create more inspiring words.

To learn more about their work, visit them at, and thank you for helping us join in their mission.


 Navy Blue couple, Tyler and Brittney at their engagement shoot in front of the You Are Beautiful sign.